Chiba Prefecture

the Liaisoning Association to Save Obitsu River Estuary and Banzu Tidal Flats.
Banzu Tidal Flats School (Nature watching)
  • Sunday, 21 March 10:00 -
  • Mr Shinzo Kiritani, born in the area and ex-fisherman, has carried out activities to save Bansu tidal flats for decades. He will be a main lecturer and take participants to walking around. Participants will learn fauna and flora at tidal flats and local history. Reservation required for group visits.
Wild Bird Society of Japan - Chiba Prefecture Branch
Birdwatching at Northern Imba Swamp

  • Sunday, 28 March
Birdwatching at Obitsu River
  • Sunday, 4 April
  • At Bansu tidal flats, Kisarazu City
Birdwatching at Sanbanze
  • Sunday, 18 April
  • Meeting point: Funabashi Beach Park, Funabashi City
  • No fee required.
Birdwatching at Yatsu Tidal Flat Area (Ramsar site)
  • Sunday, 25 April
  • Chiba Prefecture, surrounded by the sea and rivers for its four directions, was once a paradise for waterfowl. Let's observe the situation of wetlands threatened in many ways.
Chiba Prefecture Bird Society
Nature watching at Sanbanze

  • Sunday, 4 April and Sunday, 2 May; 10:00 -
  • At Funabashi City and Sanbanze
  • Fee: 200 yen.
Nature watching at Yatsu Tidal Flat Area (Ramsar site)
  • Sunday, 18 April and 5 May (National holiday)
  • At Yatsu Tidal Flat Area, Narashino City
Nature watching at Obitsu River Estuary
  • 3 May (National holiday) 9:30 -
  • These three tidal flat areas are only left today within Tokyo Bay. We have conducted nature watching gathering every month at these areas. We keep our activities to designate Sanbanze as anther Ramsar site.
Rachel Carson Association Japan
the Sense of Wonder 2004 - the Sea around us, Sanbanze
  • Saturday, 17 April. 15:00 -
  • At Urayasu Citizens' Plaza "WAVE101"
  • Sunday, 18 April. 9:00 -
  • Sunrise Tidal Flats, Sanbanze
  • Rachel Carson, author of the Silent Spring and the Sense of Wonder, also wrote about seas. In order to learn her achievements, a symposium and nature watching gathering are organized, focusing on this great author.
the Network for Signatures to Save Sanbanze
Hiking along banks at Sanbanze
- Siohama Beach, Ichikawa to Urayasu
  • Sunday, 18 April
  • We walk on banks along Sanbanze from Siohama Beach, Ichikawa City, to Urayasu, watching marine lifeforms and waterfowl, and going onto tidal flats on Urayasu side. We can also observe environment around Nekozane River Mouth.
Friends for Gyotoku Wild Bird Observation Center
Nature watching in the evening

  • Saturday, 24 April 16:30 till around 18:30
  • At Gyotoku Wild Observation Center
  • Warm attire required. Shoes might get dirt. If possible, bring your flashlight. Gyotoku Wildlife Protection Area supports tidal flats and shallow waters of Sanbanze. Green-winged teal (Anas Crecca) and Common snipe (Gallinago gallinago) feed on before their trips to North. Great reed warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) and Little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius) came from South and are singing.
Association to Save Bansu Tidal Flats
Cleaning Bansu Tidal Flats and Obitsu River Estuary, and nature watching.
  • 23 May 9:30 -
  • Fee: 100 yen (for insurance and donation)
  • Free of charge for ages up to high-school students.
  • * Let's get together and clean tidal flats with vast reed beds. This scenery is the original landscape in Tokyo Bay. Participants have increased year by year. Followed by nature watching in the afternoon.
  • Bring your long working boots, working gloves and lunch box.