Isahaya Tidal Flat Emergency Rescue Office in Tokyo
Ad hoc (urgent) meeting to consider restoring Ariake Sea and the Isahaya Bay Reclamation Project.

  • Friday, 2 April 19:00 -
  • At Toshima Wards Residents' Center, at the eastern side of Ikebukuro Rail Station.
  • Calling for medium-term and long-term investigation with iron gates opened, reporting a case for requesting withdrawal of the reclamation project at Sage Prefectural Court, and reporting a case for investigating causes of Ariake disaster at Pollution Control Committee, we ask for the withdrawal of the reclamation project.
Wild Bird Society of Japan - Tokyo Branch
  • Sunday 4 April and Sunday 2 May at Sanbanze, Funabashi City, 10:00 -
    • Co-organized by Chiba Prefecture Bird Society
  • Sunday 4 April and Sunday 9 May at Tama River, 10:00 -
  • Sunday 4 April and Sunday 9 May at Tokyo Harbor Bird Park, 10:00 -
  • Sunday 11 April and Sunday 9 May at Niihama, Urayasu City, 10:00 -
  • Sunday 18 April and Sunday 16 May at Yatsu Tidal Flat Area, 10:00 -
  • Sunday 25 April and Sunday 23 May at Kasai Seafront Park, 10:00 -

  • Fee: 200 yen
  • In April and May, it is time for spring migration for many birds. Let's enjoy birdwatching and learn the importance of those tidal flats and waterfront areas.