Aichi Prefecture

The Association to Save Rokujyo Lagoon and Mikawa Bay/Committee Liaisoning Residents to Save the Clean Toyokawa River
Enjoy at Toyokawa Estuary
  • Saturday 17 April
  • Fee: 500 yen
  • Experiencing tidal flats and shallow waters by lifeform watching and boating at Rokujyo Lagoon, located at Inner Mikawa Bay with inflow from Toyokawa River, we prepare Miso soup with some short-neck clams and other shellfish for lunch as in previous years.
"Save-the-Fujimae" Association
Exploring Team at Tidal Flats
  • Sunday 18 April 10:00 -
  • Fujimae Tidal Flats (Ramsar site), Nagoya City
  • Fee: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children (under the age of 13)
Wildlife Festival
  • 5 May (National holiday)
  • At Fujimae Tidal Flats, Nagoya City
  • What are you going to find? Crabs or アナジャコ ? Say hello and von voyage to waders on their way from the southern hemisphere to Siberia or Alaska.

Mie Prefecture

Association for Saving Takamatsu Tidal Flats
Let's make Baumkuhen at tidal flats
  • Sunday 18 April 9:30 -
  • At Takamatsu Beach, Kawagoe Town
  • Fee: 300 yen, including insurance
  • 30 persons only (reservation required) Please bring your working gloves.
  • We are going to bake Baumkuhen cake. While baking, we will clean the beach. After that, let's enjoy eating cakes.
Wild Bird Society of Japan Mie Prefecture Branch
Wild Bird Watching at Kushida Estuary

  • Saturday 24 April at Kushida Estuary, Matsuzaka City.
  • Meeting point: in front of the Railway Station.
  • We are to learn how to identify shorebirds.

Shima Peninsula Wildlife Research Society
Wildlife Watching at Tidal Flats
  • Sunday 23 May
  • Meeting point: Matsunase Harbor at 12:30
  • Matsunase Tidal Flat area is one of the best remaining tidal flats within Mie Prefecture. Try and see many creatures at the tidal flats, and feel wonderful and important features of them.