Osaka Prefecture

Wild Bird Society of Japan - Osaka Prefecture
Birdwatching to Save Tidal Flats in Osaka
  • Saturday 17 April at Yakura Beach
  • Sunday 18 April at Yodo River
  • Saturday 24 April at Otori River
  • Shorebird watching at Yakura Beach on 3 May (National holiday)
  • 4 May (National holiday) at Otsu River Estuary
  • 5 May (National holiday) at Hama-Koshien

  • Within Osaka Bay, we have a few tidal flats only around river estuaries where shorebirds can still visit. We are to watch shorebirds and other wildlife and think about the importance of tidal flats.
Organized by South Harbor Group 96
Orienteering at Bird Park
- we can find what kind of wildlife and where -

  • 3 May (National holiday)
  • Various environments exist at the Bird Park where not only migratory birds but also some other wildlife can be seen. We will look for them, while orienteering and having quiz shows.
Organized by Osaka Nature Conservation Society
Yodo River Nature Watching
- Searching at Tidal Flats! Strange creatures -
  • 5 May (National holiday)
  • Meeting point: Wicket at the Yodogawa Railway Station
  • Many strange creatures live at Ebie Tidal Flats downstream Yodo River.
  • Bring your notepads and pens, working gloves, canisters or plastic bags. Your cloths may get wet!