Fukuoka Prefecture

Wild Bird Society of Japan - Fukuoka Branch
Birdwatching at Imazu
  • Sunday 4 April and Sunday 2 May 9:00 -
  • Fee: 100 yen
Birdwatching at Wajiro Beach
  • Sunday 11 April and Sunday 9 May 9:00 -
  • Fee: 100 yen

  • Walking along tidal flats at Zuibai River Estuary, rice paddy fields, farmlands and lotus fields in Imazu, we watch birds. At Wajiro Beach, we walk on tidal flats in eastern Hakata Bay and watch birds. There is an artificial island offshore of the tidal flats.
Hakata Bay Conference
Symposium No More! The Artificial Island at Hakata Bay Eating Up Tax-payers' Money Bottomlessly
  • Sunday 11 April 14:00 - at Fukuoka City Communication Center
  • Fee: 500 yen
  • Fukuoka City is constructing the artificial island, causing damage on natural environment within Hakata Bay and putting tax-payers' money into it, which is against its pledge. We will discuss the financial situation of Fukuoka City and stopping the artificial island that makes citizens' life harder.
Association to Save Wajiro Tidal Flats
Cleaning Campaign of Wajiro Tidal Flats and Nature Watching
  • Saturday 24 April 15:00 -
  • Wajiro Tidal Flats has become a National Wildlife Protection Area. We celebrate this occasion together with wildlife at tidal flats. Let's do cleaning, nature watching and go ahead for the Ramsar designation of the area. Please bring your long boots and working gloves.
Wild Bird Society of Japan - Chikugo Branch
Ariake Sea Waterfowl Research in Chikugo
  • Sunday 25 April 7:00 -
  • Eight coastal areas within Ariake Sea in Fukuoka Prefecture from downstream Chikugo River to Omuta Beach.
  • Ariake Sea Waterfowl Research for the spring time will be carried out on 25 April, in the middle of shorebird migration in spring. Please join the research that begun in 1997 when the iron gates at Isahaya Bay were shut down.