Oita Prefecture

Association to Save Nakatsu Tidal Flats
Welcome Travelers from Southern Hemisphere Part III.
  • Sunday 18 April 10:00 -
  • East Beach Seaside Gallery Wharf, Nakatsu City
  • Daihatsu Car Body Factory moves into Nakatsu City, and this led to reforming the harbor facilities. Thus damage was imposed upon Nakatsu Tidal Flats, shellfish dying and the bad harvest of seaweed (Nori) occurring. We wonder whether migratory birds from the South can visit the area safely.
Association to Enjoy Waterfront
Beach Cleaning Campaign at Onita Beach
  • Sunday 18 April 11:00 -
  • Meeting point: behind the Seven-Eleven at Onita
  • Working attire is required.
Tidal Flat Watching at Onita
  • Sunday 2 May 13:00 -
  • Fee: 200 yen for adults/100 yen for high-school students and younger
  • Your clothes may get dirty. Bring your towels, long boots, caps, water bottles, buckets and scoops if possible.
Nagasaki Prefecture

Isahaya Tidal Flat Emergency Rescue Headquarters
Discussion on the Restoration of Isahaya Bay Tidal Flats
  • Saturday 10 April 12:30 - at Minori Center, Isahaya City
  • Fee: 1,000 yen
  • One after anther, there have been damages in Ariake Sea, but in spite of all those the Isahaya Reclamation Project goes on. Let's restore tidal flats and bring back fish, shellfish, seaweeds and birds. There are also a reception on 10 April and on-site study tour on 11 April. Those who would like to participate in these activities require reservation.
Kumamoto Prefecture

Yashiro Wild Bird Society
Shorebirds Watching at Kuma River Estuary in Shiranui Sea
  • Sunday 11 April 14:00 -
  • Fee: 100 yen
  • Various shorebirds can be seen. Yashiro City has decided to designate the area as a site for Shorebird Network. We learn the importance of tidal flats through birdwatching.