Overseas NGOs and JAWAN

We also place importance on links among wetlands of the Pacific Rim, and particularly with Korea and other East Asian countries.

We continue to maintain particularly close relations with a citizens’ group in San Francisco that sent a speaker to JAWAN’s International Wetland Symposium in 1992. We have learned a great deal from the movement to protect and restore San Francisco Bay.

JAWAN works with Korean groups in surveying tidal flats and migratory birds, and in the movement to save Saemangeum wetland. We hope to continue and strengthen our ties with Korean wetland protection movements in future.

Message to JAWAN from Florence and Philip LaRiviere
(Citizens’ Committee to Complete the Refuge, San Francisco Bay)

The people of the San Francisco Bay Area have struggled for 40 years to protect from further destruction our remaining wetlands and to work for restoration of lost ones.

We admire our partners in Japan and vow to work with them in our mutual goal of maintaining and enhancing the wetlands of the Pacific Rim as they supply the values of flood control, clean air and clean water to the human population and life itself to a myriad of fish and wildlife species.