The court orders a halt to the appropriation of public funds for a reclamation project in the Awase tidal flat.

On November 19th, The Naha District Court issued an injunction to stop Okinawa Prefecture and the City from appropriating public funds for the reclamation project in the Awase tidal flat off the city of Okinawa, Japan. more>>

Problems regarding the Awase Tidal Flat area

by The Save-Awase-Higata Association
(Higata means tidal flats in Japanese)
23rd October 2008

The Awase Landfill Project is to reclaim the expanding coastal wetland off the eastern coast in Okinawa City, covering 187ha. The red circle indicates the first phase of the landfill (96ha), and the blue circle indicates the second phase of the landfill (91ha). more>>

[Isahaya Reclamation Project]
Why it still matters 11 years after the shut-down?

The Saga District Court ordered the government to open the sluices for five years. The Court also mentioned as unprecedented remarks and ordered the government to recognize the relation between the shut-down of the sluices and the environmental changes and thus the fishery damages within the Ariake Sea.
The law suit has been made by about 2,500 fishermen from Nagasaki, Saga, Fukuoka, Kumamoto prefectures and others, appealing that the major cause of recent low fishery catches in the Ariake Sea is the shut-down of sluices at the seven kilometer sea wall which separated the Isahaya Bay from the Ariake Sea. The sea wall is the part of the National Isahaya Reclamation Project. more>>
The Isahaya:
What Happened in 1997?
Why It Matters.
History of the Isahaya Reclamation Project and relevant events


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